Stay fit while Holidaying
Stay Fit while Holidaying

Staying Fit while Holidaying does not mean sweating it out or whiling away all your holiday time exercising! All it means is to stay active and get your body function even better to enjoy and explore your holiday destination. It is a proven fact that a bit of exercise in the morning keeps you happy and active during the day.

It’s hard enough to stay motivated around comfort food, holiday travel and hotel stays. Even if you are used to a disciplined workout in your everyday routine, the normal routines get completely thrown out of the window when traveling.

But here are simple things that will allow you to stay active without compromising on your leisure and infact allow you to have even more fun!

Want More ?? They’ll also help ward off the body aches and pains caused from traveling. So unless you happen to be spending the holidays with a family of personal trainers, try these simple tips to stay fit on the go:

Sneak in Sneakers to keep your feet comfortable and yourself active
Sneak in Sneakers to keep your feet comfortable and yourself active
  1. Sneak in your sneakers: Staying fit while traveling should not be complicated but simple. All you need to accomplish this, is a healthy attitude and a pair of sneakers.

Pack your favorite pair of sneakers or good athletic shoes, so you can be ready for anything. Even better – Wear them to the airport. You not only save the space of such a voluminous item, you even look smart and sporty! The sneakers keep your feet comfortable and prevent you getting so very tired during the journey.

  1. Go on a hike around the airport shopping arcade/ Railway platform : Take a brisk walk around the airport, says Dr Anuradha, American Heart Association-certified Physical Therapist at ReLivaTM. Plus, your handbag probably weighs a lot too.

Train delayed? Apply the same principal. Briskly walk around the platform and check out the location of your own compartment or even the pantry car while you do so. Afterall it does help to know how far is the pantry car located from your own compartment during a long train journey.

  1. Stretch post-flight/journey : After a long trip, your muscles tend to be tighter than ever. When you get to your gate, get rid of that lower-back soreness with a forward bend: Bend at the hips and fall forward, hugging your knees and rocking side to side. And once you’re in your room, help your body and mind relax with two simple yoga poses: downward dog and child’s pose.
  1. Even Celebrities are known to have fun skipping!
    Even Celebrities are known to have fun skipping!

    Pack the right stuff: Among all those holiday hampers, reserve a little bit of space for your fitness trick. Skipping rope and Resistance Bands could be the ultimate on-the-go training or should I say FUN tools that don’t need too much of space to pack. You can do endless workouts with a resistance band, but do keep it simple during your travels. Similarly skipping a rope will rewind you back to your childhood while packing in a burst of short and intense burst of exercise.

  1. Walk around to explore: The best way to see a new city or place is to walk it. Walking is by far the best means to explore the area. Along the way, you can peek at restaurant menus, locate the nearest grocery store, touristy places, guide maps and pick up some items of fresh, tasty local cuisine.

If you are even more enthusiastic, you may want to locally rent a bicycle and cycle around the destination and tread the absolute virgin locales.

  1. Eat well: The delicious spreads in your hotel restaurant are there to be enjoyed. You simply need to have the items in the right order. Start with some fresh fruit or salad. Follow it with cereals and thereafter everything else that you may want, although I can never stop emphasizing the advantages of picking your food carefully and choose foods that are steamed, roasted or broiled. Don’t miss the glass of fresh juice. Avoid canned juices, as they pack in a lot more calories WITHOUT much nutrition that fresh juices have! You may want to add green tea to your lunch and dinner to keep the metabolism working harder.
  1. shop for fruits
    Grab yourself some fresh fruit from the local market

    Add some fruits to your Shopping list : Grab yourself some fresh fruit and unsalted nuts while shopping. These items will keep fresh for several days. You can always put them in the hotel refrigerator, if necessary. These turn out to be very good mid-meal snacks instead of loading yourself up high calory and expensive snacks from any other place.

  1. Workout : How you don’t stop eating or sleeping when on a holiday, why should you stop working out when travelling? Ten minutes is all you need to get the blood pumping and metabolism going. Exercise can help your outings become more fun and sustain your energy levels. Use the health club in your hotel or go for that quick swim in the pool. If nothing works climb up and down the staircase, and of course don’t forget the resistance band and skipping rope in your bag! Even celebrities are known to have fun with the skipping rope!
  1. Track your activity : Download that pedometer or similar app on your mobile or tablet to count your steps. Keeping the app active, provides a constant real-time reminder of just how active (or in-active) you’ve been. Remember, every extra step you take is beneficial for your health, so every bit counts, even when traveling.
  1. HAVE FUN : Have fun and enjoy the vacation. After all you are on a holiday and you planned it to relax and have fun! When you relax, your body begins to stop being at guard and hoarding against the stress.

Be sure to have nourishing snacks available, make healthy dining choices and move your body. Even better, get your companions to join you.

Healthy Holidays to ALL!

What are your tricks to stay active and fit during holiday or any travel. Comment below and let us know too.

Contributed by Vaishali Gupta, an avid reader, writer and painter by hobby and an award winning Media Marketer by profession. She has keen interest in staying fit and keeps active despite a slipped disc. Her prime goal is to maintain a balance in life.