ReLiva is a leading chain of Physiotherapy & Rehab clinics. We offer best quality service for a wide variety of conditions like back pain, frozen shoulder, knee pain, fractures & dislocations, joint replacement surgeries, rehab for Cardiac, Neuro and Respiratory conditions, Sports injuries etc.

Physiotherapy treatment at ReLiva
Physiotherapy treatment at ReLiva

We are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of patient care and provide highly advanced Physiotherapy and Rehab service. Our approach to recovery is what makes us UNIQUE. We believe in involving YOU in your treatment. That is why we educate you to the best, about your physical condition, its causes and effects. We help you recover and train you to maintain your activity levels even after the treatment is over and guide you how to prevent injury or recurrence of a specific condition in future.

We use the best practices in the industry. We also pride ourselves in using the BEST-IN-CLASS equipment to deliver good care. A lot of our equipment is sourced from Chattanooga, USA – World’s best in therapy care equipment. We try to make the best of treatment available to each of our patients.

Our experienced and highly qualified physiotherapists assess and evaluate your condition and design a holistic treatment plan for your recovery. Together, as a team, our Physiotherapists work with you towards an effective and speedy recovery. Our thrust is that you not only recover but also get back to your pre-injury activity levels and begin to Live your Life Again!

ReLiva Physiotherapy & Rehab also provides physiotherapy assessment and treatment in the comfort of home or office. For a home visit, our Physiotherapist will bring specialised equipment to facilitate recovery.