Physical fitness goes hand in hand with Nutrition. The body will function properly only when it remains well exercised as well as well-fed!

We already know the benefits of having a proper breakfast. Despite that, the morning rush always wins over us and we either end up skipping the breakfast or have an inadequate one! Here are some suggestions that may help you plan your daily breakfast  and pack-in the right combination of nutrition, despite the rush!

When you break your fast after eight hours of fast overnight, it becomes important that you load it with the right nutrients to get your body get into action for the day.

Eat Breakfast vs Don't eat breakfast

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The most obvious question that haunts most of us  – How do I enhance my best meal? Some healthy easy options for each of the 7 days of the week could be:

  1. Eggs (any form as per taste), milk and few mixed nuts.
  2. Parathas (with sprouts and a vegetable added).
  3. Cereal porridge (with nuts added)
  4. Sprouts poha with lemon juice
  5. Vegetable Upma with sprout chat and buttermilk.
  6. Pancakes with fruits
  7. Steamed Idlis  / Dhoklas with a hand full of nuts

So make sure you plan well and break your fast every morning with an energy boost !

Breakfast ideas

Contributed by Dt. Priya Karkera. Priya is a trained Nutrition and diet Expert. She works extensively with children as well as adults in the area of nutrition. She can be caught smiling anytime, with her very practical tips to a healthy diet, for the normal as well as the diseased. She has been a regular contributor to the Times of India simplifying the tricks of nutrition.