Optimum activity levels can be attained only with a proper mix of physical fitness as well as a nutritious diet. The body will function properly only when it remains well exercised as well as well-fed!

A lot of us go without breakfast because we are either in a great hurry in the morning or don’t feel particularly hungry first thing in the morning ! Whichever be the case, it is important to know, recognize and remember that a healthy breakfast provides energy, clear thinking, and a wholesome start to a busy day.

The word BREAKFAST being self explanatory says it all  : BREAK – FAST : breaking a fast for over 8 hours. It is your first meal of the day!

If you’re concerned about getting yourself to eat a nutritious meal before leaving the house each day, here are a few suggestions that may help:

  1. Remind yourself that Breakfast is the first and best meal of the day which fuels the brain cells to work at their best all day long.
  2. Plan meals ahead of time, like the night before. Make sure you have desirable food items available and ready to be prepared early the next day.
  3. Look for recipes that are tasty, easy to fix, and nutritious.
  4. Stop ignoring your own self vis-a-vis the rest of the family. The morning boost of energy is needed as much by you as your child or spouse! It’s a combined habit of the entire family which culminates into an energy filled day.
  5. Make individual servings already. Cut up fruit like bananas, apples, pears, and papaya. Combine all into a fruit cup and serve individually topped with nuts.
  6. A combination of carbohydrates and proteins can gush up the energy stores. Ensure that there is protein as well as carbs in the breakfast recipe.
  7. Whether it is time to shed some weight or gain some – remember the breakfast can be your best meal, if you consume the right quantity along with the right combination of food items.

To get more ideas of what could make a wholesome breakfast, each day, read our blog post “7 Healthy Breakfast ideas to break your fast by clicking here.

What happens if I miss my breakfast ?

If I miss my first healthy meal of the day –  what I am most afraid of is – “binge eating”!

Why eat breakfast

Of course there are all the others, not to ignore the gastric juices finding their way up to the diaphragm causing heartburns and hyperacidity. Wouldn’t you want to prevent a metabolic havoc?? Then why wait?? Plan an excellent combination just perfect at your start of the day providing the right amount of nutrients to start every new day.

Contributed by Dt. Priya Karkera. Priya is a trained Clinical Nutritionist. She works extensively with children as well as adults in the area of Diet & Nutrition. She can be caught smiling anytime, with her very practical tips to a healthy diet, for the normal as well as the diseased. She has been a regular contributor to the Times of India simplifying the tricks to Nutrition.